Learn The Systematic, Step-By-Step Techniques To Draw Your Favourite Manga Character
(Or Even Create Your Own!) In Just 3 Hours

Saving You Hours Of Doing Unnecessary Research & Watching Lengthy Online Tutorial Videos!

Are you an avid Manga fan who has been trying to learn how to draw your favourite Manga character, but just can't figure out exactly how to begin?

Maybe you already have some experience and foundation in Manga Drawing, and you are trying to improve your skills, but you just don't seem to be improving no matter how hard you try?

Or you are someone who has already read Dozens of Drawing Guides, or even watched Hundreds of Tutorial Videos, but you still just don't seem to be able to identify your own weaknesses and find out how to overcome them?

If the above descriptions fit what you are experiencing now...



Spend the next 5 Minutes Reading Every Word Carefully to find out how our workshops and classes can help you improve your manga drawing techniques and embark on your manga drawing journey TODAY!

The Harsh Truth...

Why Students Face Difficulty Drawing Manga?

Manga Drawing is a form of art.

And yes, to be good in a form of art, one needs to be diligent in practising and honing one’s skills and techniques constantly.
However, the harsh truth is that sometimes... Being Diligent Is Just Not Enough!
Many students come to us, telling us that they have been trying to draw manga by referring to Drawing Guide Books and watching Online Tutorial Videos. No doubt, these learning aids are useful and essential, but…

The real reason why students face difficulty in drawing manga is that they lack the  Guidance, Coaching & Mentorship that will provide them with a Systematic Approach to Improving (and subsequently Perfecting) their Manga Drawing Techniques!

Here’s An Awesome Chance Not To Be Missed!
Especially For Manga Fans Who Wants To Start Learning Manga Drawing TODAY! 

​If you want to properly and formally start learning and drawing Manga today, then you MUST Seize this Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity!
Our In-house Manga Drawing Instructor, Ms. Lynne Goh, will be opening a 3-Hour Manga Drawing Introductory Workshop to teach you the Systematic and Step-by-step Manga Drawing Techniques that you can use to draw your favourite Manga character!

The workshop will be conducted in a Group Classroom setting format, Limited to a Maximum of 12 Students Per Workshop Only!



28 Mar 2020 (Sat)

4 Apr 2020 (Sat)


3.30PM – 6.30PM


Blk 131 #04-257

Jurong Gateway Road S(600101)

(2-3min walk from Jurong East MRT, Right beside JCUBE)

Meet Our Trainer: Ms. Lynne Goh

Ms. Lynne Goh is one of Amber Art Gallery’s very own In-house Manga Drawing Instructor. Here’s a quick intro of her!

  • Professional Digital Artist, Graphic Designer, and Book Illustrator

  • Graduated from NanyangTechnological University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), majoring in Visual Communications.

  • Winner of several "Silver Davey Awards", an international creative award which is sanctioned and judged by Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts

  • Participated in several other professional competitions, such as "Singapore Original Comics Festival", where she debuted her Original Manga Series titled "LOST & FOUND"
  • Been Teaching Manga Drawing in Multiple Art Studios and Schools locally for the past decade.

Check out some of her sample works/sketches below!

(To see more of her works, you may visit her Instagram @PAMSTER_LIFE)

What Can I Expect By The End Of The Workshop?”

In this workshop, the instructor will touch on the Basics of Manga Character Drawing.

You will be guided Step-By-Step on concepts such as Facial Form Structure, Facial Expressions etc.
You will be taught how to apply the concepts learnt to Re-create Your Favourite Manga Character of your choice and/or to create your very own Unique Manga Character by the end of the workshop!

In addition, you will also get a Sneak Preview of the following topics:

  • ​Ratio and Proportion

  • Facial Features

  • Emotions & Facial Expression

  • Hair, Styling and Costumes

  • Depth and Perspective

  • Colouring


Here are a few snapshots of our past and ongoing Manga Drawing classes and workshops!

 “Will I Really Be Able To Learn Manga Drawing In

Just 3 Hours?”

Over the last dozens of classes that we have conducted, all our students who followed our training syllabus have shown Tremendous Improvement in their manga drawing, In Just 3 Hours!
We cannot promise you that you will become a Manga Drawing Expert in just 3 hours, but we can guarantee that if you are a beginner or amateur in Manga Drawing, you will definitely be able to Gain Insights & Value just by attending our workshop and getting coached by our instructor!

“So... How Much Does It Cost To Attend This Workshop?”

Workshops like this can easily cost Upwards Of $50-$100 Per Hour. And the fees are even higher for Private Classes and for Corporate Companies! Yet they are willing to pay the amount because they know the True Value they get by getting an expert to teach them!
For this 3-Hour Manga Drawing Workshop, based on the value that you are going to receive, we can easily charge students an Original Price of $180
And in case you still do not know, we are going to do this workshop Only A Few Times A Year!
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By responding before the countdown ends, you will be able to receive an Instant 80% Discount OFF the regular price of $180 for this Exclusive 3-Hour Manga Drawing Introductory Workshop!

Furthermore… we are only offering this promotional rate to the First 12 Students who sign up with us! 

Let us say again... We are only going to reserve 






who book their spot by 

23 MAR 2020 (THU)

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28 MAR 2020 (Sat) 3:30-6:30PM

4 APR 2020 (Sat) 3:30-6:30PM

No-Risk, No-Frizz, No Unpleasant Surprises,

I do not know why some people do not offer Satisfaction Guarantee but I do!
I will offer my 100% IRON-CLAD SATISFACTION GUARANTEE that you will be blown away and satisfied by the end of this workshop!
And if for any reason at all, you do not feel that you have gained any value by the end of the workshop, I will offer you my a 100% FULL REFUND on any payment you have made! Just come to us privately at the end of the workshop and we will handle it for you.

That's my promise to you!
But I'm betting more that you will be joining us in our Regular Weekly Manga Drawing Classes very soon!

So what are you waiting for? Book your spot NOW!

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(P.S. If you are looking for our Regular Weekly Manga Drawing Classes, Contact Us!)


*Terms & Conditions subjected to changes by organiser


FREE 1 x Re-sit For Our Future Manga Introductory Workshops*
(Worth $180++)

*Subjected to workshops and seats availability, and kindly inform us of intention to re-sit at least 48 hours in advance.


FREE Access To Our Exclusive Manga Drawing Students Facebook Group* To Showcase Work & Exchange Feedback
*You will be given instructions on the steps to join our group during the workshop


FREE Access* To Manga Drawing Tutorial Videos
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*Links to videos will be shared with students via Exclusvie Facebook Group.

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