Photo Coasters

Photo Coasters

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Print your pet photos onto these cute and petite-sized Mini Wooden Pieces!






STEP 1: Decide if you wish to Add-On Mini Wooden Easel (16cm x 9cm / 6.5" x 3.5") and select the respective Set Size.

  • Set of 1 x Photo Coasters (30% OFF) @ $10.50 (U.P. $15)
  • Set of 1 x Photo Coasters + 1 x Mini-Wooden Easel (30% OFF) @ $17.50 (U.P. $15+$10=$25)
  • Set of 4 x Photo Coasters (50% OFF) @ $30 (U.P. $60)
  • Set of 4 x Photo Coasters + 4 x Mini-Wooden Easel (50% OFF) @ $50 (U.P. $60+$40=$100)


STEP 2: Select the Quantity of the Indicated Set Size You Want To Order

(e.g. if you want to order 4 x Photo Coasters @ 50% Discount, select "Set of 4 x Photo Coasters (50% OFF) @ $30" and then indicate Quantity as "1")


STEP 3: Make Online Payment by clicking on the Payment Button. You will be asked to fill up your personal particulars and mailing address as well.


STEP 4: Once your order is complete, you will receive an Order Confirmation Email. Send us the photos to be printed either by replying to the Email or send us another email at with your order number and attach your selected Photos! 


STEP 5: Our craftsperson will then commence on your order ASAP! Usually we will take around 1-2 weeks to complete the product and another 1-2 weeks to deliver it to you. So in total, it will take approximately 2-4 weeks before your order reaches your doorstep! 

(Tracking Code Will Be Provided)


If you have any questions or queries at any point in time, you can contact us via email at or whatsapp us at +65 88140819 (Jess) or +65 85164237 (Amber)! We're SUPER FRIENDLY!!!


P.S. Do Note That the medium we are using is plywood, which is a natural material. As with every piece of wood, there will be different wood grains and there may be uneven kinks on the surface. With proper care and maintenance, plywood can easily last for decades :)

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    Set Size


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